Dryland Winter Training

with Jesse Millen & Rich Sievewright

November 16th, 2017

The snow is coming and winter legs need to be prepared. Falling behind your friends on powder days isn’t fun. Follow these simple exercises to train the legs so you can ski harder for longer and recover quicker. Three key elements to work on before getting to the hill are: lactate threshold work, eccentric leg strength and core training.

Eccentric leg strength = The Leg Blaster

20 x air squats, 20 x static split lunges per leg, 20 x jump lunges, 10 x jump squats.
These movements are to be done back to back with no rest.

Lactate Threshold = Quadzilla complex

10 x dumbbell lunges, 10 x dumbbell jump lunges, 10 x bodyweight jump lunges, 10 x bodyweight jump squats

Core training = FIRE circuit

Flexion, Isometric hold, Rotation, Extension. Examples of exercises in the circuit would be: V sit ups, weighted plank, weighted Russian twists, ab wheel roll outs.

When the hill is open and you are consistently shredding then it’s time to lay off the plyometrics and focus on strength training a couple of times a week and a regular Yoga practice. Heavy lifting with low repetitions to keep your strong and light and Yoga for recovery, injury prevention and mental clarity.

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By: Rich Sievewright
Photo: Kris Dontas & Olivier Boulais