Fuel up with Chris Rasman


October 24th, 2017

A lot of questions comes in our mind when it come down to pack a lunch for your snowboard adventures. From shoveling and lifting your snowmobile out of a ditch to hiking up the highest peak, backcountry skiing & snowboarding is definitely not a walk in the park. That's why you need the right fuel in your body to keep up with the rest of the crew! We got the chance to catch up with Chris Rasman to answer some of those questions for you.

What do you eat before & after heading in the backcountry?

I don't have a strict eating routine necessarly for my before and after backcountry days. I just make sure I always have a good breakfast. Usually eggs with some vegetables and a fruit and chia seed smoothie. Either that or muesli with almonds, blueberries, and almond milk. Coffee always. After, I simply try and make sure I'm getting good protein and not too many sugars or salts.

Is your nutrition changed since the past few years?

I would say it's changed simply because I'm getting older, and more mature and aware about what I put in my body. I also like to read a lot about nutrion and pick my siblings and fathers brain about it. My whole family is pretty into keeping up with the new research on food etc. If anything, it's gotten more simple the last few years. Cleaner food, less sauces, less bread and empty carbs.

Is your nutrition makes a difference on your riding?

I believe my nutrion makes a huge difference in my riding. For example, when I am traveling, it's a little harder to eat as healthy as I would like to and keep up with some of my nutrition routines I have. And I feel it. When I'm not eating as well, I don't recover as fast or feel as good and energetic throughout the day.

3 Things you shouldn't bring in the backcountry?

A computer. Beer in glass bottles. Bananas. (Never ends well in a backpack)

3 things you should bring in the backcountry?

Avalanche Gear (probe, beacon, shovel). Extra layers/gloves. Snacks and water.

Do you follow a certain diet?

Not really. I tried eating a Paleo type diet for a few months a couple years back. I don't think it worked the greatest for me. I felt awesome, but I was always wanting to snack, and it was hard to pack lunches that were not considered "cheating". I think if your very active, everything in moderation is the answer. Lots of vegetables, fruit, but not too much. Clean proteins, and healthier carbs. For example. I try and make sure if I'm eating something like bread, it's good quality bread. Not something that can last on your shelf for 2 weeks. Also, if I'm eating a lot of carbs I try and not have it with any animal protein. If I'm having animal protein, I try and pair it with vegetables only. Someone I look upto a lot follows that rule, so I try to as well. I slip up all the time though.

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Photo: Rusty Ockenden